Monday, May 28, 2012

Magazine Junkie

Hello. My name is Kari. I'm addicted to magazines.

I love reading and flipping through magazines. From fashion and shopping magazines, to home decorating, to celebrity gossip magazines. It's my thing. However, it can become a problem when I get behind on my magazine reading. The photo above shows an actual stack of magazines sitting on my dresser at this very moment. These are all the magazines I have bought or received by subscription in the last month or so. And, I haven't had time to pick up a single one. I'm way behind on my magazine fix. I've got to tackle it soon because the stack just keeps growing.

Some of my favorite magazines are InStyle, Lucky, Good Housekeeping, and Real Simple.

What about you? Are you a magazine junkie like me and can't pass through the checkout line without picking up a new one? What's your favorite magazine?



septembermom said...

I'm becoming a magazine junkie. Woman's Day, Health and now Food and Wine. I supported my niece's girl scout fundraiser and now I have a big pile of magazines to read in the car at the bus stops!

The Paper Princess said...

Thanks, Kari, for visting me from SITS! I too am a magazine junkie and my tastes have changed over the years! Currently I'm into Recipe, Crafts, Organizational, Puzzle and Inspirational magazines! The only thing that restrains my magazine addiction is my budget - lol!

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