Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We Finally Like Our Puppy

A few weeks ago, I posted about our new puppy, Piper. I confessed to you that I didn't really like her and was having regrets about even getting a puppy.

Well, she must have realized that she needed to shape up or be shipped out because she has finally started to get her act together. In her defense, I think her bad behaviors were just part of being a really young puppy and we needed to give her a little time before judging her so harshly. We adopted Piper from our local shelter, thinking she was about 4 months old at the time. When we took her to our vet and to a dog trainer, they both agreed that she was much younger.

Anyway, we now have her enrolled in weekly puppy classes (working on basics like sit and stay). She has made drastic improvements on house training and she is much more affectionate. Chewing is still a big issue but we are working on that, as well. We still have a long way to go, but Piper is finally fitting into our family!

She is pretty cute, don't ya think? (Here she is, "sitting" for me. She has that command down rather well)



Jenners said...

Puppy love can be hard to come by. I join you in feeling a bit ambivalent. I'm going through this now with Juliet. But it will come in time. : )

Unknown Mami said...

Keep at it, Piper!

Tiffany Taylor said...

My dog looks just like her and I loathed him at first, but he grew on me... a couple years later. Is she an Australian Shepherd?
Also, love the name, my daughter's name is Piper :)

Kari said...

We adopted her from the animal shelter. We think she is a mix of a beagle and a blue heeler (also called Australian Cattle dog). I love her name, too. We really had a hard time agreeing on a name (I wanted Eleanor or Luna) but we finally all agreed on Piper.