Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie Trailer Tuesday - Safety Not Guaranteed

This independent comedy is sweet, funny, and, in an oddball kind of way, very romantic. Seeking a story for their small Seattle magazine, a journalist and two interns set out to find the person who wrote a mysterious classified ad. In the ad, this person is seeking a partner for time travel. Each of the characters are kinda screwed up in their own way but you can't help but love them. Another quirky film that I really enjoyed.
Rated R for language and sexual references.



Jillian Nicole said...

This looks pretty interesting and something my husband might take a liking to. Thanks for sharing.

Kelsey said...

I normally am not a fan of independant films as they normally are pretty slow and bad acting. But this one doesn't look too bad. Might watch it sometime when it is out.


I've not even heard of this film. Sometimes I'm Leary of independent films cause some of them are rather odd, but others are absolutely amazing. Always a gamble. Its good to have another opinion.

Faith and Family Reviews said...

Sounds interesting.

Unknown said...

Always looking for good movies. Thanks for sharing.