Thursday, October 4, 2007

Front door

(Before and after front door pictures)

After much deliberation, we have finally chosen a new color for our front door. DH painted it a couple days ago and I think it looks so much better. I must have looked at a dozen or more colors trying to decide. It's a Ralph Lauren color called crab apple (it's a beigy-taupe,we had it color matched to Behr paint). Before, with the dark brown door, I felt like you didn't really notice the front door; that it just blended in with the brick. Now, I think it stands out a bit more. We're very happy with it! (please excuse my old empty flower pots sitting on the that the door is painted, I need to spruce up my front porch with some fall decor. Just haven't had the time or energy to get around to it yet).


Kricket said...

It looks very good. My husband will be painting our dorr Apple Red, and he is not happy. I've had to promise certain things to get him to do it, so hopefully this weekend he will.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Great color. I love RL paint. My favorite is Tangier Island. Makes me feel like I am sitting in a caramel Frappacino. Great music, too!