Monday, April 28, 2008

~I'm Not Leaving, on a Jet Plane....~

Right this very minute, I am supposed to be on an airplane. With my hubby. On the way to Las Vegas. This trip has been planned for weeks and weeks. I've shopped and planned; bought new clothes and shoes and jewelry and makeup. This was a big deal for me, traveling is not something we do a lot of. Hubby is on a firefighter softball team at work, and every spring, they go to Las Vegas for a big softball tournament. I've not been able to go in the past, but, this year, we finally worked it out that I could. The team plays softball in the mornings, then, the rest of the day is free to do whatever. But, instead I am at home taking care of a sick kiddo. My poor boy, Connor (9), spent the night in the emergency room last night. He has been having a lot of allergy problems the past few weeks (itchy eyes, stuffy nose...). Saturday, he had a ballgame and then played outside the entire day. When he came in that night, he just looked whooped. He was tired, coughing, and said he felt like he couldn't breathe very well. He wasn't in any distress, so we just watched him. By Sunday morning he was feeling worse. We tried sitting him in a hot steamy bathroom, gave him some cough medicine with an expectorant, and lots of fluids, but, still he continued to feel bad. To make matters worse, Sunday afternoon I had a houseful of guests. My friend and I were having a Lia Sophia jewelry party (why I planned a big event like that the day before our big trip is beyond me). I was so stressed out. My son felt awful. I still had to pack and get ready for the trip. By Sunday night, he was wheezing and looking quite uncomfortable. We knew he needed to make a trip to the E.R. He ended up having to get several breathing treatments and they started him on a round of oral steroids. They sent us home (finally, at 3:00 a.m.) with a diagnosis of 'allergy-induced asthma' and with a nebulizer and orders to continue the breathing treatments at home every 4 hours! I knew I wouldn't be getting on that airplane and heading west. Hubby and I were so disappointed, we really needed this time away together. But, of course, we both knew I could never leave Connor when he was going through all of that. So, right this very minute, hubby is on an airplane. Heading to Las Vegas. He will be fine. Many of the guys on the team aren't taking wives/girlfriends, so he will have plenty of company. My sweet, but ever-practical daughter, came home from school today. She hugged me and said "Mom, sorry you didn't get to go on your trip with Dad". AWWWW, isn't that sweet and considerate. Then, she added, "At least you got to buy lots of new clothes!" Way to see the bright side of things!

P.S. Connor is feeling fine. He's just taking it easy, getting lots of rest and continuing the breathing treatments until we see his pediatrician tomorrow. By the way, he has NEVER had any type of asthma or breathing problems before. That is some scary stuff. The E.R. doctor said that the pollen is so high right now, that they have been seeing lots of first time asthma sufferers lately.


Daniela said...

I'm so glad that your son is feeling better. What a drag about the trip though. If I added it all up, my boys would owe me:

Several vacations
1 car
many many dresses that aren't covered in puke
A clothes dryer

and this is just to name a few..but who is counting.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

We have had the asthma thing for our two youngest, for ever! It started as croup and developed to sports induced asthma. They both carry inhalers now. Maybe it has something to do with living in NJ. My husband travels for a living, and it is rare that I can go with him because, well, somebody needs to take care of the kids, and I want it to be me! It is always very hard to miss out on the fun. My heart goes out to you, but Kari, you would have been a wreck worrying about your son. Susan

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Kari, I feel your pain soooooo much! I know what it's like to have to sacrifice your plans because something that's just plain more important came up. I guess just about every mom worth her salt knows what that's like! I'm so sorry for your disappointment, though. It's important to have those "getaway" moments with your husband (or wife or whatever) - it feels like you've been robbed when those chances are taken from you. Of course, as you so obviously know, being a mom is a tough job. Worth every bit of sacrifice, but still tough! I'm glad that Conner is doing better. My youngest (Jacob, now 16) had to use a nebulizer back when he was about your Conner's age. Every season, his breathing issues would start and every season, he had to use the nebulizer. He's since "outgrown" that, though (thankfully). He still has awful allergies in the spring and summer, however. Just mowing the grass can send him into a sneezing frenzy. Benedryl has become that boys best friend since he outgrew the need for the nebulizer. :)
Anyway, chin up...hopefully there'll be another chance at a getaway with your husband soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed for that!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

And I did not mean to keep spelling Connor's name wrong! We spell our grandson Conner's name with an "e" that's why I did it. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!lol)

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Oh that stinks! I'm sorry about your trip. Sometimes it is no fun being the mom.

Rue said...

Hi Kari

I'm sorry you didn't get to go to Vegas, but I wouldn't have been able to leave either. I hope he doesn't have another attack like that.