Monday, April 14, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

My friend, Pina, tagged me to post 7 random things about myself. So, here goes...

  1. I'm a homebody. Most of the time, I would prefer to stay at home with my family, rather than going out to socialize.

  2. I love coffee, black coffee -- absolutely no cream or sugar for me. At home, we drink 'Folgers 1/2 Caff'. We usually have a pot every morning and another every evening after dinner.

  3. I watch way too much t.v. My current favorite is 'Friday Night Lights'. I have season one on DVD, and I'm now watching season two online at I LOVE this show!

  4. Throughout my life, I've had recurring dreams about lions (the male lions, with the big furry manes). The dreams are always in a different setting, but, there's always a lion right around the corner from me. I'm trying to quietly get away before he discovers me and comes after me. And, I'm very scared! Wonder what that's all about?

  5. I love to go barefoot. Even in the winter, I'm always going barefoot in my house. I just do not like to wear socks unless I have to. On the same subject, I can't stand it when my toenails aren't painted.

  6. As a family of six, we have a lot of laundry. I usually do laundry every day. And, on average, I do at least 12-14 loads per week.

  7. When I worked as an R.N., I worked night shift. I have always loved staying up late and sleeping in. I'm not a morning person.


    Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

    I'm a bare foot, stay-at-home, tv watching, night owl, too! But, I save up my laundry for the weekend and have never had a dream about a lion (that I can recall, anyway). I must get the first season of Friday Night Lights as I've heard so many great things about it.

    Daniela said...

    I always wondered what those reoccurring dreams mean. Mine is with the dude on the cover of Mad Magazine. The scary looking red headed dude. Anyway, he always chokes me at the top of the steps in the house of "Father Knows Best". When we hit the floor, I wake up.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I got the starbucks card today....THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. I put a picture of it on my blog. I love it so. Have a good night. Don't stay up to late.

    Pina said...

    Thanks for sharing, Kari. :)
    That one about the lions is very interesting. I wonder what such dreams mean.
    The one about walking around barefoot is interesting, too. I am the one who is always cold and I would be so happy to be like you. It would be so much easier.
    I am so sleepy today, I think I would need a cup of strong black coffee, too. Is just that I don't drink it because I wouldn't be able to fall asleep in the evening...

    Rue said...

    Hi Kari :)

    It's nice to know more about the lady that cracks me up. I love to be barefoot too, but it drives my husband crazy. I guess it's not normal in Ohio LOL

    Have a great day,
    rue :)