Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Letter

Dear Retail Sales Clerk,

I'm sure that you are very busy, what with keeping up with inventory, straightening things up around the store, working the cash register, and just dealing with the public in general. But, really, is it too much to ask that you remember to remove the security device from the article of clothing that I am purchasing? Surely that was one of the first things they covered during your training. I thought the whole purpose of the security device was to set off the alarm if someone exited the door while carrying something with the security device in their bag or on their person. I'm here to tell you, that little security plan is not working so well for you. You see, five times in the last six months, I have been to a store, purchased clothing, exited the store and went on my merry little way to my home. Only to discover, once at home, that my clothing STILL contained the security device. And, there were no bells or whistles when I walked out your doors. None. I am then forced to drive all the way back to your store so that you can remove the security device. Because even though my husband swears he can remove it himself, I don't want to take the chance of ruining the new piece of clothing. We've all heard those rumors about people trying to remove the security device themselves, only to have ink spill out and damage the clothes. Maybe it's my own fault. By now, I should know to check the items myself before leaving the checkout line. Then, I could kindly remind you that you forgot or overlooked the security device. So, let's work together on this, can we? Together, I know we can create a much more enjoyable shopping experience.

Somewhat Disgruntled-But-Willing-To-Work-With-You Shopper


lisalyn said...

What a great post! This very thing happened to me last year. I was about to get dressed to attend my niece's high school graduation. I had all the decorations set up at the Open House...worked very very hard and was ready to "match" the decor with my beautiful new white shirt, only to find out that stupid ink thingy was still on my shirt!! I live at least 80 miles from the nearest JCPenney (where it was purchased) so I ended up wearing an older shirt that did not look nearly as good as that white one would have. :) It is frustrating! Seriously, what are they on there for anyway?