Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Try

My eight year-old son came home from vacation bible school tonight around 8:45. I let him have a few minutes to play, but, then told him it was time to get ready for bath and bedtime. This was our conversation:

Me: "It's about time to start getting settled in for the night, you need to take a bath."

Zachary: "I already had a bath at bible school."

Me: "Oh really?"

Zachary: "Well, we had a water-gun fight....that's pretty much like a bath."

Uh -- no. Not so much. Good try, though.


Anonymous said...

LOL, kids are the best!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I've heard that one, plus it's equally ridiculous cousin "I was playing in the sprinkler - it's like a shower!"

Jenners said...

They are quite sneaky arent' they? Sounds like a fun Bible school though!

Anonymous said...

This made me Laugh out Loud!! Hi from SITS!