Friday, July 22, 2011

DaGeDar - Toy Review

DaGeDar is a hot new toy that we recently had the opportunity to try out at our house. It involves a set of balls, which are supposed to be spirit-like entities driven by a desire to race. The story is that these balls, DaGeDar, reside in Dimension 33, a place previously unknown to humans. DaGeDar enter the earth's dimension to race so that their spirit can break free. Each DaGeDar is driven by personal motivation to race and complete their personal quests.

DaGeDar uses a track set, balls, launchers, and spinners. The object being to let kids propel the balls down the track for racing and/or stunt fun. It's really "house rules" when it comes to DaGeDar - kids can use their own imagination and creativity to decide how to play. Maybe they want to battle it out with another player using the launchers. Or, perhaps they want to use their skills to speed the balls through the track loops without falling out.

Ballers, the name given to the DaGeDar playing community, can also visit for even more fun. On each battle ball, there is a secret code. Enter this code at the DaGeDar website to become a DaGeDar master. This allows you to learn more about the spirit of the ball by checking out it's biography, quest, and tagline.

My boys got together with a few of their friends and we had our own little DaGeDar party. After setting up the track and checking out the DaGeDar balls, they immediately started whipping them through the track, seeing who could go the fastest or send the most balls through with out any of them falling out.

They had a lot of fun with DaGeDar and came up with all kinds of ways to play, with and without the track. They all unanimously agreed that their favorite thing about DaGeDar are the balls themselves. They are colorful little characters with cool graphics on them and as my 10 year old son stated, "they are beast!" They also loved watching the balls zip through the track loop. Entering the DaGeDar balls secret codes also proved to be easy and a lot of fun. The website had a fun, futuristic feel to it. The kids got a kick out of reading the bios of their DaGeDar balls and debating over who had the most fierce character.

My thoughts: I really like that this toy allows for creative play. There's no right or wrong way of doing it, so the kids have to use their own imaginations. It's easy to assemble and easy to pick up and move to other locations if the kids want to try something different. We used the track both on a table as well as on the floor. My only concern was that the track seemed a little flimsy and, at times, we had difficulty getting it to stand up by itself. The kids quickly figured out that if they held on to the top of the track to steady it, it actually helped them out with their speed and control. Overall, I think this is a toy that my boys and their friends will play with often.

Be sure and visit to learn more and see all the DaGeDar products.

DaGeDar and MomSelect provided me with a complimentary DaGeDar kit in exchange for posting a review of the product on my blog. No other compensation besides the free product was received. All opinions stated in my review are my own.