Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ebates - Where It Pays To Shop Online

For quite awhile, I had been hearing other bloggers talk about Ebates. I wasn't entirely sure what it was, but I knew it involved some kind of shopping reward site. Frankly, I never felt compelled to check it out because it seemed like these type of sites were a dime a dozen. But, one day I was making a purchase online and, on a whim, I visited Ebates to see if I could find any coupon codes to use for my purchase.

I went ahead and signed up at Ebates (it's free) and went through the site to complete my online purchase. Not only did I find a coupon code to use at the store where I was shopping, but, I earned cash-back on the purchase. It was all so easy and so fast; I admit I was pleasantly surprised. I continued to use Ebates for my next couple of online purchases. Soon enough, I received my first cash-back check - for $8.22. Now, I realize that's not much but it's something. And, I only made a couple of purchases during that payment period. So, for someone who shops online frequently, your cash-back rewards could add up very quickly.

It's simple to use. Sign up for free. Then, when shopping online, make sure you go to Ebates first, and complete your online purchase through their site. You can find tons of participating stores, each offering various amounts of cash-back on your purchases (anywhere from 2% up to 25%). You will also often find coupon codes or special cash-back offers as well. Most cash-back rewards are credited to your account within 48 hours and checks are mailed out to you every 3 months. If your account has earned less than $5.01, it's carried over until the next payment period.

I'm now thinking to myself, "why didn't I sign up for Ebates sooner?" It's really a no-brainer, easy way to earn cash-back on your online purchases. Check it out and see why it literally pays to shop online when you use Ebates.
This is not a compensated post but it does contain my Ebates referral links.