Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Updates

Hello, bloggy friends!

I know I have not been posting very often here on my blog. Our computer did its last bit of computing last week and is now totally out of commission for good. I knew it was coming, it's been giving us problems for awhile. For now, I'll have to share my teens' laptops - which means my computer time will be quite limited. I really don't think we will be able to afford a new computer until after the first of the year. We have also been without a dishwasher since June, so it's a tough choice which I would rather spend the money on first (washing dishes by hand for a family of six gets old real quick - what can I say, I'm spoiled and really miss my dishwasher). I'm thinking that while I'm without a computer of my own, I should get busy with my fall cleaning and such. It's no telling what I could accomplish when I'm not distracted by being online all day. I have visions of myself becoming Susie Homemaker and cleaning, baking, and decorating up a storm (I'm not saying it will happen, but I can dream, right?)

In other news...yesterday I was in the car with my 16 yr. old daughter. We were having a nice little chat (I love those times when we are in the car alone together - it's a great time for talking). Anyway, we were talking about college and careers and how she has no idea what she wants to be "when she grows up." She is so funny because she said her minimum income standard is $150,000.00 per year (I said, "you go girl!). In my sage and motherly wisdom, I advised her to get a good education and a career that she loves, that also pays well, before she ever considers getting married. She agreed with that advice and then proceeded to lay out her plan - after finishing college and getting her dream job, she intends to travel the world, having a love affair in each of the countries she visits. Then, when she returns from her travels, she's going to write a memoir, detailing her adventures. That girl! I had to laugh and appreciate her lofty ambitions. And, I think she just might really do exactly what she says!

Update on our puppy, Piper. You may remember that soon after we got her I was having "puppy remorse" and not really bonding with her at all. Then, her behavior started improving a little, she became more affectionate, and I started to actually like her. I can now report that I'm back to stage one and I do not like this dog. I feel terrible saying it but it's just the truth. She is so wild, bites and chews on everything in sight (seriously, she will walk up to the wall and try to chew on it), she follows at my feet constantly, and if I'm not giving her my undivided attention, she barks and barks. We still doing the puppy obedience classes are now officially puppy obedience class dropouts. I don't know what to do - I've never had to deal with something like this and do not really have any ideas on how to find her a new home without upsetting my kids.

So, what's been going on in your corner of the world? Are you having nice fall weather yet? Do you want a puppy?



Lisa Weidknecht said...

A few years ago I bought a purebred yellow lab that I had to find a new home for. I just didn't like her. I felt no guilt though because the family who took her had a huge property with a lake, and two other labs. I'm sure she's happier there.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I had discontinue the dog thing at my house because I hated it too. I'm just not wired for pets. I love animals very, very much but not in my home. I understand what you're saying completely. Good luck to your daughter with her ambitions. They're great!

Jess Toothman said...

It sounds like your daughter has some cool goals! Also, parenting a puppy isn't for everyone. I wouldn't dream of now having pets, but it's A LOT of commitment. Hope you figure out what's right for all of you:)

Mariah @ said...

Puppies can be a huge challenge! Our dogs are no longer pups but there are still days when I would love to hand them off to someone else!

Joyce Brewer said...

I don't have a teenager or a puppy, so I can't identify with you there.
But I hear you on the tough financial decisions to buy this - or that.

Martha said...

I do NOT want a puppy! My neighbors got one a few years ago and he was adorable whenhe was in the sleepy puppy stage, but then he got so naughty! Now he is awesome. Im sure yours will be too! Go and get a book by Caesar Millan. That dude has amazing advice.
I DO want your daughter's ambition! What a go-getter!
I'm so glad to hear of someone else who went such a long time without a dishwasher. We went without one for over a year until my friend got a new one and gave me her old one!

Jenners said...

Your daughter is going to live the life I wish I had lived! Godspeed to her!

I'd go with a dishwasher … I hate washing dishes (even with a dishwasher).

And I'm sorry about the puppy. Puppies are a lot of work and they don't always settle down right away. I hope you can stick it out and eventually end up with a good dog.

Icar said...

We lost a dog that my husband has been with for 3 years ad I can't find the words to comfort him, he sobbed every night for 3days.
With regards to your daughter, I guess you should savor every moment that you still get to talk and be with her, time will come she'll get too busy with her own activities to even update you with what's going on with her life...


Krystle Smith said...

150k a year sounds amazing!!

Give the puppy a change <3 Have you tried kong toys? You stick a treat inside them, and the dog should play for hours to try to get it out. Great way to keep them occupied!

Grown and Flown Writers said...

Hang in there with the dog. It takes quite a bit of time to train a puppy. Ours, labs, took a good two years before they became civilized at all! Once they