Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Christmas Gift Wish List

When it comes to gifts of any kind, I don't really get many myself. I'm not trying to sound whiny, that's just the way it is. When you have four kids to buy for and a husband who is not into gift-giving or shopping at all, Mama just falls to the bottom of the gift chain. I've accepted it and it's all good, LOL!

But, if we were going to pretend for a minute that I did get gifts, here's a few that would be at the top of my wish list...

1. Hunter Original Green Boots - I've been lusting after these forever but at $135 they would definitely be a splurge.

2. Sephora Collection Rose Gold Mineral Brush Set - I need some new makeup brushes and these are so pretty and luxurious. I am totally loving all things rose-gold at the moment.

3. Georgia Stainless Steel Watch - Smoke and Rose by Fossil - The rose gold paired with the darker stainless steel is elegant and a little edgy.

4. Vera Bradley Laptop Portfolio - I don't have a laptop bag and as a long-time Vera Bradley fan, this one would be perfect. I love that it has both a handle and a strap.

What about you? What's on your Christmas gift wish list this year?