Friday, February 22, 2013

Cheers! It's National Margarita Day

I didn't realize there was such a day, but apparently today is National Margarita Day. (Actually, I've seen conflicting statements around the web - some places say it is Feb. 22 and others say it is Feb. 20.) Either way, it sounds like a good thing to celebrate to me!

My personal preference when it comes to margaritas is frozen with NO salt. I also like fruit flavored margaritas. My friend and I go out for "girls movie/dinner night" every month or so and when we do, we often go to Chili's. We always ask them to do a special margarita for us - half strawberry, half mango. It's so good!

So, in honor of this festive occasion, I've been scouring the web to find some yummy margarita recipes. I discovered that there are more margarita recipes than I could've ever imagined. Some of them are a little out there - kale margaritas, carrot margaritas, pumpkin margaritas - I'm not sure about those flavors, LOL! I think I'll stick to the basics.

Check out the links below and let me know which one you would like to try...

Strawberry Margarita at Tide & Thyme - yes please!

Guava-Orange Margarita - so pretty and exotic! As seen on Une-deux senses

Margarita for one at Once Upon A Chef

How about some Margarita Ice Pops for a fun twist - as seen at Epicurious

Meyer Lemon Margarita as seen at The Wicked Noodle

Agave Margaritas as seen at Camille Styles

Cheers! Happy National Margarita Day!