Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movie Trailer Tuesday - Welcome To The Rileys

After losing their daughter eight years ago, Doug and Lois are simply going through the motions of daily life. Neither of them can really seem to face what happened or figure out how to share their grief with one another. When Doug is in New Orleans on a business trip, he meets a troubled young stripper/call girl who also seems to be fumbling through life. Doug decides that he wants to help this girl. In doing so, he also discovers that she just might bring some hope to his relationship with Lois.

I'm a fan of both James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo and thought they were both pretty amazing in this movie. I wasn't really a fan of Kristen Stewart as the young stripper - it's not that she wasn't convincing, she was. But, she always seems the same to me no matter what role she's playing. It was no different this time around, other than her extreme potty mouth throughout the entire movie. Still, I did really like this movie. It was sad and moving.

Rated R for VERY strong sexual content, brief drug use and pervasive language involving a teenager