Saturday, April 9, 2011

A to Z Meme

I saw Tammy post this A to Z meme over at her blog, Tammy's Two Cents. I thought it would be the perfect thing to play along with on this Saturday morning. (I really should be cleaning, doing laundry, heading to the grocery - but this sounds like more fun;o)

A. Age: 41

B. Bed size: King

C. Chore you dislike: Cleaning floors - loathe it! I would scrub toilets till the cows come home - just don't want to clean the hardwood floors.

D. Dogs: Emma, our 6 yr. old Airedale Terrier

E. Essential start to your day: A cup or two of black coffee

F. Favorite color: Gray

G. Gold or silver: I like both

H. Height: 5'7"

I. Instruments you play(ed): I took piano for about 3 years as a kid. It's one of my biggest regrets that I didn't continue. One of my "bucket list" items is to learn to play Claire de Lunes on the piano.

J. Job title: Homemaker

K. Kids:  Sons - ages 17, 12, 10   Daughter - age 14

L. Live: Kentucky

M. Mom’s name: Carol

N. Nicknames: None (that I know of, LOL)

O. Overnight hospital stays: Only the four times I gave birth

P. Pet peeves: Chewing with your mouth open, leaving the toilet seat up, people not using turn signals,

Q. Quote from a movie:  "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in"  - Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in The Godfather III (I'm a big fan of The Godfather movies)

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: I have an older sister and two older brothers

T. Time you wake up: On schooldays, I wake up around 7:00. Non-school days anywhere from 8:30-9:30

U. Underwear: Yes!

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Turnips

W. What makes you run late: Waiting too long to start getting ready and then time somehow gets away from me.

X. X-rays you’ve had: Routine chest x-ray and mammogram

Y. Yummy food you make: Cooking is not my thing. But, I guess I make decent soup - potato and vegetable are my favorites

Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: Gorillas


Tammy said...

Oh, I hate doing the floors too!

I need your potato soup recipe! Emily and I love potato soup so when I am in a pinch for dinner I doctor up the Campbell's soup can.

Thanks for the shoutout today on the meme! I thought it was good for some extra Saturday traffic too! :) Happy Weekend!