Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Curse of the Household Appliances

I don't know if we are jinxed or what, but when it comes to household appliances, we have the worst luck. We built our home about eight years ago, buying all new appliances at that time. We have already had to replace our microwave (GE) and repair our oven (GE). And, now, at this very moment, our refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer, and kitchen faucet are all having major issues. It's so frustrating!

The refrigerator (GE): If we keep the ice-maker turned on, all of the ice in the ice bin will randomly melt, leaking everywhere. The top half of the freezer will not freeze anything. However, the bottom half of the refrigerator freezes everything. The other day, I opened the fridge to get out a bottle of V8 juice, I wanted to add some to the pot of chili I was making. The entire bottle of juice was frozen solid. Hard as a brick. Meanwhile, I've had a couple ice trays sitting on the top shelf of the freezer for days and they are still water - they will not freeze.

The dishwasher (GE): If I place any items on the top shelf of the dishwasher they will not get clean. Instead, they are all filled with a gritty residue. And, one of the screws that secures the dishwasher into the cabinet has come out so if I pull either of the racks out too far, the dishwasher practically falls out. (I realize this is an installation issue and not actually related to the appliance itself but still...frustrating!)

The dryer (Whirlpool): Our dryer is actually less than two years old. Sunday, as I was going about my daily 200 loads of laundry, I noticed that it wasn't getting the job done. There was air, but there was no heat. Hubs is thinking it's the heating element, which is something he can probably fix fairly easily. I guess the fact that it's used so much could be the culprit. There are days when I literally do laundry from 7 a.m. till bedtime. We are a family of six and laundry is a never-ending chore.

The kitchen faucet (Moen): Leaks around the faucet itself and under the sink; water sputters and putters out of the faucet for a few minutes before finally becoming a steady stream.

Are we cursed or what? I guess the saying is true...they just don't make 'em like they used to. I'm dreading the bill for repairing and/or replacing all of these items. And, I don't usually like to name-bash, but I can tell you that I will never purchase a GE appliance again!

What about you? Have you had any major appliance problems? What brand of appliances do you own?



Martha said...

Girl...I work in test kitchens. One of the places I work has all GE appliances. They are the WORST. I will never buy one for my home. Never.
I think I know the secret of long lasting appliances: buy a house that has appliances you don't like. They'll last forever ;)

Thirkellgirl said...

We've had terrible trouble with our Frigidaire refrigerator. Unfortunately, until we yank out some cabinets and rearrange some things in the kitchen we're stuck with the one we've got because it's the only one small enough to fit! I will never, ever buy Frigidaire again! I'm going Samsung next time. We had similar Moen problems but they are WONDERFUL about replacing them. You can find the 800 number online and they will send you a whole new faucet, as many times as it takes!

Some Lucky Dog said...

My kitchen appliances are Viking (4 years old), love, love them! My washer and dryer are Bosch. We've had them about 12-13 years. Never had a problem until about 2 weeks ago. Just like yours, the dryer quit heating and the clothes weren't getting dry. Hubby pulled it out thinking it was the heating element and wanting to see what it was going tot take to get it out and replace it himself. But...he found a circuit breaker switch near the bottom of the back of the dryer. Apparently we'd had a power bump and it switched it off to protect the dryer. One push of the switch and I was back to drying. Leave it to the Germans to think of something like that! Dont' know if your Whirlpool has something like that, but if might be worth a look. The washer and dryer I had before these were Whirlpool. I used them for 20 years and then gave them to a family needing them when we bought the Bosch.