Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Favorite Android App - WordzUp!

I don't really play many games on my android smart phone other than a few rounds of Words With Friends every now and then. But, I was recently browsing through the android market and came across a word game that looked like it would be fun. It's called WordzUp! and it's by Anthrological. I downloaded the free game onto my HTC EVO phone and gave it a try.

I am now totally addicted.

In this game, you get a grid of letters (you can choose different grid sizes). You then use your fingers to trace over letters to spell words. The game displays how many words are possible to make from that grid and you are racing against the clock to see how many you can find before time runs out. Words must be at least 3 letters in length and you have the ability to rotate the grid if you're stuck - it's still the same letters, you're just looking at them from a different perspective. At the end of the game you can see all of the words that could be made from that grid.

As I said, I'm totally addicted. It's quite challenging and a good mental workout for your brain. It's a quick game that you can pick up and play anytime. I find myself playing it over and over, telling myself, "just one more time."

If you are an android user, look for WordzUp! in the market and see what you think. You might just become addicted, too!

This is not a compensated/sponsored post. I'm simply sharing a cool android game that I enjoy playing on my smart phone. As always, opinions expressed are my own.



Clairity said...

I love word games and this sounds interesting. I'm recommending it to my daughter. She has an Android and she would love something like this.