Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Baby Names

The other day, I posted a discussion about grandparent names. I loved hearing everyone's special names for their own grandmas and grandpas.

All that talk of names got me thinking about baby names. I have always loved the topic of baby names; it's fun to try out different combinations for first and middle baby names. From classic to modern style, I just love names.

When I was a little girl, my play name was always "Vicki Car" and my best friend was "Kim Car" - I don't know where we came up with those but that's what we dreamed of being called. And, we would also come up with names for our baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and imaginary children - we would actually keep elaborate lists of all the names that we claimed.

Names has a list of Top Searched Baby Names of 2012. Here are their top 5 for girls and boys (click the link to see the full list as well as some popular naming trends):

Top 5 Searched Baby Girl Names: 
1. Isabella
2. Millie
3. Sookie
4. Ann
5. Ella

Top 5 Searched Baby Boy Names: 
1. Jacob
2. Max
3. Liam
4. Ted
5. Mo

I admit, I was a little surprised by a couple names on those lists. I can't say that I've come across anyone named Mo or Sookie in real life, but hey, they're cute.

I am past my baby-naming days - our kids are tween/teens. But, I thought it would be fun to share my own list of favorite baby names and ask you to do the same. Just so you know, I have not included the names of my own four kids on the lists (even though I still love their names, of course).

Here they are in no particular order:

My Top 10 Favorite Baby Girl Names 
1. Willa
2. Audrey
3. Reagan
4. Lola
5. Emerson
6. Eleanor
7. Avery
8. Hazel
9. Claire
10. Nora

My Top 10 Favorite Baby Boy Names 
1.  Henry
2.  Oliver
3.  Sebastian
4.  Jack
5.  Simon
6.  Nate
7.  Gus
8.  Ash or Asher
9.  Jasper (I know it's overly popular because of Twilight but I still love it)
10. Finn

Your turn! Tell me what baby names you love...


FaVe Mom said...

Love the name Journey for a girl. For a boy I love the name Jude.

KathleenKL said...

I love the traditional names more than anything from your listing I love Jack and Claire :)

Grace said...

When I named my kids I always considered if it was a good name for a baby and when they became an elderly person. Some names are cute but they have to grow with the person. Some of these names listed are really interesting and I haven't heard of them either.

East9thStreet said...

My daughter's name is Brecken so that of course is my favorite baby name. :)

If I were ever to have another little girl, I like Sydney and Avery. For a boy, I've always liked Alexander.

Aly Mashrah said...

I like Avery and Oliver!

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

Cute names! When we were expecting Stella, we also liked the names Reagan, Kendall, Piper, and Campbell. I think boy names are harder, so I don't have any that I love yet!

hallies_mom said...

Since I have two girls, of course I really like Hallie and Olivia, I also like Emma. For boys I always like Hunter, Forest (but ever since Forest Gump came out it is not as popular) and I also like Nathaniel. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This was a really surprising list. I laughed when I read Mo on the list because I have never met anyone in my life named Mo. I think that might have been the name of one of my imaginary friends. Sookie is most likely so popular because of the HBO show True Blood.

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