Monday, October 17, 2011

Flashback 80's Music Video - A Little Respect

I grew up in the 80's and maybe I'm prejudiced about the topic, but I think the 80's had the best music. Who remembers this one? I still love this song; listen to it on my IPod all the time. It's A Little Respect by Erasure. Released in the U.S. in 1988, it brings back such memories for me. I was a senior in high school, dating my future husband, and thinking about going to college to become a nurse. The video now seems quite rudimentary and funny to watch. Music video production sure has come a long way, hasn't it?

So, do you remember this song? If not, what's a song that takes you back to your high school days?



Tammy said...

I loved this song. I bought the best of Erasure several years was a great CD to listen to as I was cleaning. :) I haven't listened to it in a long time though. Madonna brings me back to the 80's really quick! :)...or Whitney! :)