Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Love It When...

Sometimes it's just the little, simple things that fill me with joy and brighten my day. I love it when...

1) The weather is cool enough to see your breath

2) I'm about to decide on the next book to start reading. It's so exciting to pour over the covers and book jackets and anticipate which book I'll start next.

3) One of my kids comes and gives me a hug for no reason at all

4) My bed has fresh clean sheets

5) I find a great-fitting pair of jeans

6) None of my kids complain about what I've prepared for dinner

7) My teenage daughter is in one of her "sharing" moods and we just sit and talk and gossip and laugh

8) I have a high value coupon to use on something that I was going to purchase anyway

9) I get my son to school early enough to be in the front of the car-rider drop off line

10) I hear an old 80's song that I had totally forgotten about but suddenly realize I still remember every single word

You're turn...what are some little things that you love?

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