Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Movie Trailer Tuesday - The Girl

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Ashley is a single mother with a troubled past. She has lost custody of her young son and is struggling to get him back. Desperate for cash, she decides to try and smuggle a small group of immigrants across the Mexican border. When things go horribly wrong, Ashley is forced to take a good look at herself and make some very difficult choices.

There's not a lot of action in this film; it's actually pretty slow-paced. But, the story is emotional and dramatic. Getting a look at what it might be like for these immigrants who are desperate to sneak into The United States was scary and a little bit heartbreaking. In the beginning, I didn't really like Ashley's character. I found her to be bitter, with a big chip on her shoulder. But, as the movie progressed, I found myself rooting for her to do the right thing and find some redemption for herself.

Rated PG-13
Available on Netflix