Monday, August 13, 2007

School Supply Lists

School starts on Thursday and I am STILL not finished buying all the supplies. I have what feels like 'pages' of lists for my three youngest kiddos. I tried to make up my own "master list" but for some reason, it made things too confusing. I cannot find graph paper or 2nd grade tablets (why are these items so difficult to find? I just do not understand) Anyway, I have just sat down and went through each list yet again and now have 10 items left to purchase. I haven't kept track of how much money I have spent on supplies, at this point I probably wouldn't want to know. My oldest started high school this year. He is in a private school now so he started about 10 days ago. I just cannot believe I have a high-schooler! Anyway, wish me luck as I go out tomorrow and finish up my shopping.