Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday shopping

Here I am on Thanksgiving, pictured with my oldest child, Cameron (14). Most of the time, we get along great. I appreciate his hilarious sense of humor and we are alike in many ways. We both love to stay up late and sleep in; we're not morning people at all. This totally drives my husband crazy, as he is one of those people who actually love to get up early and thinks it's a sin to sleep past 9 a.m. Of course, as he's gotten to be a "teenager" we have had our moments where we seem to clash and argue, but, I'm sure that's to be expected. I was thrilled yesterday when he asked if he and I could get up and do the early morning "Black Friday" shopping together - just the two of us. Not too many opportunities for us to do things by ourselves, so I was all for it. Hubby was working at the firehouse, so I arranged for the other kiddos to sleep over at my parent's house. We had the house to ourselves and went to sleep around 11:30. Then, as hard as it was, we got up at 2:45 a.m. We arrived at Target at 3:30 and got in line behind about 25-30 other people. Everyone was friendly and things went very smoothly. We ended up talking with several people who were in line behind us, and they were all so nice. The temperature was 28 degrees, and, although we THOUGHT we had dressed warmly enough, we ended up freezing our butts off. We were there to get the digital picture frames that were on sale for 49.99 (I needed four of them for gifts, so, I figured standing in line in the dark, freezing cold was worth saving $80). By the time 6:00 a.m. rolled around and the store opened, there were so many people in line, that it literally wrapped all the way to the back of the building. We went right in, I grabbed the digital frames, Cam grabbed the video rocker chair that he wanted (for the great price of $32), we went straight to the checkout line, and were out of there by 6:10. Then we went to the mall, Kohl's, and finally to McDonald's for breakfast. It may not sound like any big exciting event, but, spending that one-one-one time with Cameron was awesome! I mean, he actually WANTED to be there with me, so how great is that. And, I'm about 80% done with my Christmas shopping. Whoo Hoo! How about you? Did you go shopping on Friday? How were the crowds?



black eyed susans kitchen said...

Hi Kari,
That is probably going to be a Christmas memory for the two of you for a long time. I ventured out in the afternoon to marshalls because the big wooden bowl that I bought for me was admired by mom in law and brother in law, so I picked up one for each. Thats 2 people down on the list. It was relatively empty at the store. Heres to more calm, stressless shopping. Susan

Martha said...

2:45 am??
That shows some serious shopping commitment!

What a great memory for the two of you.


TheTatums said...

Hey, thought I'd stop by and introduce myself. I'll be your swap partner for the Domestic Bliss Christmas Helper swap. I enjoyed reading about your shopping adventures. Let's see... I got up at 7:30 on Friday and didn't hit my first store until 4:00 that afternoon. DH had to get some shorts before we hit the gym -- which was his Christmas gift, so he's already covered. Almost everyone on my list is getting something homemade this year.

Nice to meet you!