Monday, November 5, 2007

Christmas card postmarks

I know it's still the first week of November. But, I am already thinking about Christmas cards. I love to send out Christmas cards. And, every year, I have such good intentions of going that extra mile and hand-making all my cards (never happens). And, I totally love this idea -- did you know that you can get all your cards addressed, sealed, and ready to go. Then, put all of the cards in a big envelope or box, and mail it to the postmaster of "North Pole, Alaska" or "Santa Clause, Indiana" or "Bethlehem, Pennsylvania" or any other town that you choose. They will postmark your cards and send them on their way to your family and friends. Just a fun little way to put some more Christmas cheer into your season. This year, I'm determined to do this. Here's the link where you can get directions for mailing your cards and see a lists of towns with holiday-sounding names.



Bridget said...

That's great. I didn't know you could get your cards postmarked from the North Pole. I will have to try that. Thanks for the tip.

I LOVE to make cards too but realize I will only have time to actually make a handful of them around the holidays.
(I found you through Stie's site.)