Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Hider of the Snacks

My youngest (he is 8), has developed a sneaky little habit. He takes snacks from our pantry and hides them in secret little hiding places throughout the kitchen. Tucked in a frying pan in the back of a cabinet, slipped behind a coffee mug in aother cabinet, and even way up on the very top of the cabinets (where he either had to throw the snacks or climb on the kitchen counter to get something up there). His favorite things to hide are Pop-Tarts and potato chips. He's also been known to hide cans of soft drinks. You have to get pretty creative to hide a can of coke in a refrigerator. Now, to be honest, I have been somewhat guilty of this myself - not really outright hiding things, but, putting some of the snacks "out of sight" so they don't disappear so fast. We have four kids, and they each have close friends living next door and/or accross the street. It's safe to say, that on any given day, in addition to my own kids, there could be two, three or four more hanging out at our house. That can lead to some big-time snack consumption. For the most part, as long as my kids have eaten well at meal-time, they are allowed to have a snack of their choice in between their meals and after school. Of course, we encourage healthy snacks, but, we do still buy goodies like Little Debbie cakes and chips. But, when he hides these things, it makes me feel kinda bad. Like he's going hungry or something. That's definitely not it, I promise we have enough food to eat around here, LOL. He's just my little hider of the snacks!


black eyed susans kitchen said...

It might just be a youngest child thing. My son used to do the same. Now he is the last one left at home, and that is no longer necessary. At least you know he has good survival instincts.
♥, Susan

Heather said...

We have to do the same thing around her or else all the 'good stuff' ends up gone. I've hidden things in our bedroom so the kids can't have it all...does that make me a bad mom?

Anne said...

I "hide" the good stuff when I'm at my parents' house - I have two younger brothers and if I don't eat it right then or stash it away it'll be gone!

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. :)

Daddy Forever said...

My eight-year old also hides snacks and candy, but at least they are stuff she gets from parties.