Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My week

I have had a few lazy blogging days, but, I'm back now and ready to go....

Baseball/Softball season has started for us. With three kids playing ball, we will be spending mega hours at the baseball park. This is the eleventh year in a row we've had kids playing at that park, so it's nothing new for us. It really ticks me off how political things can be in little league sports. My son's coach from last year (who we thought was a great coach and very nice guy) was "not chosen" to coach this year. Apparently, one of the powers-that-be (i.e. league president) doesn't care for him or something like that. This has happened with other coaches as well. Some people really get on a power trip over all that stuff and I think it stinks. Isn't it supposed to be about the kids and teaching them good sportsmanship and basic sporting skills?

My daughter had to have oral surgery this week (gum grafts and frenectomy -where they cut the little thingy inside your lower lip that connects to your gum), anyway, she handled it pretty well. They gave her some nice pain pills and excused her from school for the entire week. The most stressful part for me was the out-of-pocket expense we had to pay for the procedure UGH! At those prices, I'm telling my daughter maybe she should consider being a periodontist.

My mom had to have foot surgery last week. She now has to stay off her feet for three weeks. For probably the first time ever, my dad is having to really take care of her. I think he is driving her bonkers, that maybe he doesn't have the best bedside manner. I went over the other day to sit with her and see what I could do around the house for her. When she told me my dad had actually washed a load of clothes, I about dropped my jaw.

I'm still job-hunting. Just about every couple mornings, I get on to search local job listings. When you use their site for awhile, they will start sending you emails with job recommendations (based on, I assume, your browsing history). Now, I haven't worked at a "paying" job in eleven years. All of my past jobs were in the medical field - as a registered nurse and before that, an emergency room tech and a clerk in a hospital medical records office. So, when I browse on, I am almost always looking at those types of positions. Imagine my surprise, when they sent me my latest job recommendations email - and one of the positions recommended to me was - - - - - - - - - - - - "Auto Body Shop Manager". Hello? What the heck? Must've been a little glitch in the system, because I assure you I know absolutely nothing about vehicles. At all. I don't even pump my own gas (I am totally serious). That really cracked me up. Obviously, I passed on applying for that job.


Martha said...

Hey - maybe they think you have some vava-voom!!!


Kristen said...

Just saying hi from SITS :)