Friday, May 8, 2009

Frigidaire New Appliance Collection - Spreading the word for a chance to win!

Frigidaire is unveiling 250 new appliances designed with specific time-saving features to help you make the most of YOUR time.

"With their new line of appliances, Frigidaire is aiming to free up some newfound "me time" for Moms and they want to know what you'll do with it! By visiting, you can share the five things that you would do with an extra hour in your day for a chance to win an entire suite of the new time-saving Frigidaire appliances."

"The NEW Frigidaire kitchen and laundry collections feature high-performing, easy-to-use appliances with style and design elements that don't just look great, but help the appliances perform better and give you better results. All products - with their functional design and uncomplicated technology - have been built to deliver one primary thing: more time for mom. To learn more, visit"

I don't know about you, but, I could sure use an extra hour each day. And, I could definitely use a brand new washer and dryer. Visit Frigidaire and share what you would do with your extra time.


Beth said...

Dropping in from SITS.

thanks for the link! Who couldn't use a new frigidaire appliance!!

mrs shortcake said...

That set is gorgeous!