Sunday, May 3, 2009

Go Away Little Black Cloud!

I think there's been a little black cloud floating over us. If you've read my blog lately, you know that my oldest son had to have emergency surgery when an accident caused him to have a detached retina. For the recovery after his surgery, he had to spend 14 days face-down (yes, I mean literally he had to keep his head down all the time, except when we put in his eye drops). His medical bills are out the roof! I'm stressing out big time over that. Then, last weekend, my husband had a wreck on his dirtbike. He spent the night in the E.R. with a concussion and he is still having vision problems (no, he was not wearing a helmet, don't even get me started on that!) They think one of the nerves to his eye was traumatized and is not working like it should. His ability to focus is slightly delayed and he sees double when he looks down sometimes. The doctor thinks it will get better on its own in a month or two. I'm happy to say that said dirt bike is now up for sale!! Then (and this is really not anything serious, but, still, a huge pain in the rear for me) my washing machine started making a freakishly loud noise and leaking water. Two days later, a belt went out on my dryer and it stopped tumbling. UGH! We are a family of six - I do laundry every single day. I cannot be without a washer and dryer. Last night, my husband worked on the washer and thinks it is now fixed. Tomorrow, he will be getting a new belt for the dryer. Then, he is going out of town for the week, so, I really hope it's all taken care of before he leaves. My daughter, who has braces, found out last week that she will need to have two teeth removed in order to correct her overbite. I have a phobia about losing/removing teeth, it freaks me out! I've always had recurring dreams about me losing my teeth. UGH! More stress. More medical bills. For the past ten days or so, I have been battling a sinus and ear infection. My ears and head are so stopped up. I'm having trouble hearing and I feel like I'm in a tunnel.

On a more positive note, my oldest son is finally able to return to school tomorrow after all this business with his eye surgery. His vision in that eye has not returned to normal, and, his eye still looks a little out of whack. But, he is able to be up and around and is actually looking forward to going back to school (he had to miss two weeks).

Today, I decided to do something fun to help me de-stress. I took my two youngest sons to see the new X-Men Wolverine movie. Hello Hugh....nice muscles! Seriously though, it was a great movie, the boys loved it.

Okay, thanks for listening to me whine and complain and vent. I'm off now to get into my pj's, have a cup of hot tea, and get ready to watch The Tudors.


Jillian, Inc said...

Well all I have to say is that sucks. I am sure this week will be steller for you! Hugs.

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

Wow, what a run of bad luck. I think I might get on the dirt bike and run over the hubby after his little stunt. I'm all about revenge.
Hope this week goes much more smoothly than the last few have been. Good Luck!

Dan River Mama said...

Bless your heart! I hope everything starts looking up real soon.

Daniela said...

oh my stars..have you considered taking up "heavy" drinking. I'm sure after this week, you've already been tempted. You poor thing...I hate weeks like that..Want me to come over and make it all better? I'll start by slapping your hubby up side his head for not wearing a helmet..what is that boy thinking? Men!..hmmppff.

Ok, you know I'm kidding. I really do hope that this past week will be a distant memory soon. I am so glad that your son is doing better to you soon.

Daddy Forever said...

So sorry for all your problems. Now you made me regret switching to a cheaper health plan. We couldn't the more expensive plan anymore. Hopefully everyone stays healthy so I don't end up paying through the roof.