Sunday, February 23, 2014

Witnessed Sibling Bonding

Every once in awhile as a parent you get to witness a special moment of sibling bonding; some little event or circumstance that they happen to be sharing ever so sweetly.

The other day, I got to witness one such episode between my 17 year old daughter, Shelby, and my 13 year old son, Zachary.

We were all in the car, heading out to grab some dinner. My husband and I were in the front seat chatting so I really wasn't paying much attention to the kids in the backseat. They are teenagers and many times there's fighting and fussing going on when they are cooped up in the car. But, this particular day, they were fairly quiet, talking amongst themselves.

I happened to look back and see Zachary, smiling as he was saying something to Shelby. Then, Shelby reached over and pulled aside his shirt sleeve so that she could peer at his armpit. (Yes, I said she was looking closely at his armpit). Next, Shelby poked around on his armpit and then got a big smile and began nodding her head. She patted him on the back and said, "Awesome!"

Apparently Zachary was sharing his exciting news that he had recently developed a few armpit hairs. He was very proud and Shelby acted very happy for him.

image via Can Stock Photo

...and that, my friends, was my tender moment of witnessed sibling bonding. Even if it was over something as funny as amrpit hair.


Jeannette said...

Love these moments between siblings. Even when it's something that you want to go "Um, OK" it's still so heartwarming!

Billie Hillier said...

My son and daughter say they don't like each other {19 and 18 years old}, but they can always be found on the couch laughing at something or doing something else. The bond is there, they just don't know it.

Kelly Hutchinson said...

I love it when I catch my 12 and 15 year old bonding. I usually take a picture to prove it for a later date!