Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Movie Trailer Tuesday - Ruby Sparks

Welcome to "Movie Trailer Tuesday - my weekly blog feature where I share movie/dvd recommendations by posting a quick blurb and movie trailer for you to check out. 

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A young novelist finds himself with a bad case of writer's block (and a little bit of emotional instability too). His therapist gives him a simple writing exercise that turns out to be anything but simple. It seems that his words have suddenly come to life...in the form of a lively and exuberant love interest. In other words, his perfect woman.

This story is magical and funny but there's also a sort of sad lesson to be learned in that even the most perfect things are not really perfect. I was already a huge fan of Paul Dano and just love him even more after watching this film. He is so good at being awkwardly cute and unsure. Zoe Kazan, who not only stars in the movie but wrote the film as well, does a great job playing the quirky fictional-female-come-to-life.

Rated R for language including some sexual references, and for some drug use.