Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are You A "No Reply Blogger"?


Whenever someone leaves a comment on my blog, I get a handy dandy little email of the comment. I love this feature because it's a quick and easy way for me to read my blog comments as well as ensure that I don't miss any comments. I almost always try and respond to my commenters. After all, that's what blogging is all about...connecting with others. I like to personally reply to commenters via my email notifications. But, many commenters are listed as the dreaded "No Reply Blogger" which makes it impossible to simply reply to them in this way. Of course, I can click on their profile and search them out to leave my reply on their blog. But, to be honest, I'm kinda lazy. I'd much rather just hit my email reply button as I'm reading their comment and send them a quick note. Then, after taking care of my email replies, I can spend a little more time visiting the blogs of my commenters and getting to know them a little bit.

Are you one of those "No Reply Bloggers?" Maybe you are and you don't even know it. Well, Mammarazzi has started a bloggy revolution of sorts - The Enable Email Movement. Click on over to her site (Dandelion Wishes) for all the details. She explains in super-easy steps how you can enable your email so that you won't be a "No Reply Blogger." Do it now. It will make me happy. It will make other bloggers happy. It will make you happy. Seriously, it will!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I like writing people back that way too...though it doesn't always get you replies. Then again, if someone comments ON my blog, I try and comment ON THEIR blog somewhere too. Just spread the love. And speaking of which, wanna enter a fun prize pack?

I'm just working to get more people commenting!


*LLUVIA* said...

I hate the "no-reply's," especially, if they ask me a question. How am I supposed to answer it? I suppose I could just comment on my own comment section.

Hunting down for the comments section on a "no-reply's" is too much work; and really, who has time for that when we are trying to get to as many blogs as we can..because let's face it, in the blogging world, you get back as much as you put into it. ;-)

septembermom said...

I always enjoy getting your email replies. I have to get better at sending notes back to all of my commenters too.