Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pink Is So Pretty

This past summer, we totally redecorated our 14 year-old daughter's bedroom - new paint, new furniture, new bedding. When she was choosing a paint color for her walls, her first choice was a dark hot-pink color. My husband quickly vetoed this choice, saying he did not want any pink rooms in his house. I'm not sure why he reacted so strongly to the color pink, but he certainly put his foot down. And, since he was the one actually doing the painting, I guess that gave him final say. She ended up choosing a bright blue wall color. It turned out very nice and I have been meaning to post pictures for months and have yet to get around to it. I'll try my best to do that very soon

So, back to the subject of pink. Nowhere in my house, that I can think of, is there any decor or color splashes of pink. For the most part, the colors in our home are neutral, earth-toned colors - a lot of taupes, olive greens, browns, etc.  But, I do love pink. If I had a secret posh getaway-pad that I could decorate for myself (you know, a quiet place where I could escape by myself and lounge lazily, drinking wine and reading books, and soaking in the tub...) If I had a place like that, I'm quite sure I would utilize the color pink.

Whenever I come across photos of rooms or home design/decor that I like, I save them in a "pretty design pics" file. Here are some of my favorites that I've come across with the color pink...

-from Style At Home

-from House Beautiful

-from Traditional Home

-from Fine Living


-from Traditional Home

-from Design Sponge Online


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Some excellant shots of home standards at a glossy finish in pink! Thank you for sharing. Love love, Andrew. Bye. Take wonderful and gentle care.

Jenners said...

I could just not get past that clown painting in that one photo! ACK!

And I think pink is great as an accent color but I could see your husband's point in nixing a pink room ... it might feel like you're in a Pepto Bismol bottle.