Thursday, December 9, 2010

CSN Stores Product Review - Replogle Atlantis Educational Globe

I know many of you are familiar with It's the online shopping site that gives you access to 200+ stores all in one place. Their prices, selection, and service can't be beat.

Recently, once again gave me an opportunity to shop their site and review one of their products. With Christmas-time near, I was delighted to be able to find just the perfect gift for my husband. He is very hard to buy for and never really asks for anything. But, not that long ago, he mentioned he would like to have a world globe. He thought it would be nice to display in our home as well as serving an educational purpose for our entire family. I browsed the huge selection of globes available on and picked out several that I liked. Reading the online customer reviews helped me to settle on this particular globe, the Replogle Atlantis Educational Globe.

After reading so many reviews, it seemed to me that Replogle was a highly respected name brand as far as globes are concerned. This model boasts many fine features, including:

•Desk or tabletop globe
•Gyro-matic mounting allows easy viewing of any location
•Numbered full-meridian
•True to life color to depict mountains, deserts, forests and grasslands
•Displays political boundaries
•Oceans show undersea physical features
•Raised-relief detailing
•Gyro-matic mounting enables the globe to rotate in any direction
•Globe diameter: 12"
•Dimensions: 17'' H x 15'' W x 12'' D

And, at $66.99 plus free shipping, it's a great value. So, the globe arrived and is now wrapped up in paper and a bow under the Christmas tree. I know my husband will be thrilled when he opens it and I'm sure we will all find many occasions to refer to the globe.

I've always been pleased with my purchases and service from If you have never checked out their site, I encourage you to take a look.

Disclaimer: provided me with a gift code which I used toward the purchase of the Replogle Atlantis Educational Globe. All opinions expressed are my own.