Monday, December 6, 2010

Zappos Shares What To Give and What NOT To Give For Christmas With Their Top 5 Worst Holiday Gifts reveals top five gifts to steer clear of when gift giving this holiday season, and also provides some helpful suggestions on what makes a fabulous gift!

# 5:
Beef & Cheese Basket – Let’s face it, any sodium-infused sausage or cheese product that is shipped across the country without being refrigerated can’t be healthy! If you still have a hankering for a roast beef sandwich, suggests the Chef’s Choice Premium Food Slicer, or to satisfy your desire for gourmet cheese, you can serve it up on a Swissmar Acacia Board & Cheese Knife Set.

# 4:
Nose Hair Clippers – Under the mistletoe is not the time or place to discuss hair removal! If you want your guy to look fresh-faced, a nice gift idea would be the Anthony for Men Logistics Gift Grooming Set.

Shovel – Yes, in many parts of our great country, it snows during the holiday season. But after a night of eggnog & endless eating, no one wants to be reminded to get off the couch and shovel the driveway! Still, we say, let it snow by bundling up in a warm coat, or thrashing down a mountain on a snowboard.

Self-Help Book – The holiday season can be very stressful. At Zappos, we don’t believe now would be the perfect time to let someone you love know that “they need some fixing!” Even if you feel this person does need some help, wait until the New Year, when everyone tries to make a fresh-start! Still, if you are concerned about someone’s health & well-being, it’s great to get them motivated and moving! Might we suggest a yoga pant and yoga mat for her, and an Iron Man Lap Counter or Running Shoes for him?

Fruit Cake – Enough said. No one eats it, no one likes it, and even if they do, they don’t want it as a gift! If your gift recipient does love baked goods of the homemade kind, Zappos housewares offers great novelty-themed baking pans and vibrant and colorful baking dishes!

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