Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Face

Is this a sweet face or what? It's our dog, Emma. She is big, lazy, and sometimes clumsy. She spends 90% of her time sprawled out on the floor sleeping. If my husband and the kids are wrestling and horse-playing, she has to be right in the middle of things. She doesn't like the heat or to get her feet wet. When she needs to go outside, she rings a bell that we have hanging on our back door (if it's raining, she will not leave the porch but turn around to come right back in). She thinks we exist just to pet her and scratch her head. She has a ferocious bark but she's not ferocious at all. Just about the only thing she does to misbehave is to sneak a nap on my bed when we are not at home (she knows she's not allowed on our beds or furniture). She is one spoiled rotten dog!


septembermom said...

Very cute! Who wouldn't love that face?