Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Night Out

Yesterday, pretty much at the last minute, we decided to take the kids and go to the UK basketball game. We are huge UK fans, but rarely have the opportunity to go see a live game. So, we piled in the car, went out for dinner, and then went to the game. Actually, we rarely do anything like this. Time and money always seem to get in the way. When you are a family of six, it's so expensive to go to any kind of sporting or entertainment event. Dinner alone for the six of us is usually at least $80, so it's just not something we do very often.

We had a fun evening and all enjoyed the basketball game. However, by the time the night was over, there were a few things I realized about myself...

1. I must be getting old - Although I'm often awake at home past midnight, being out and about on the town after midnight is a different story. I was so tired and couldn't wait to get home into my warm bed. This morning, I felt terrible. I accidentally turned the alarm off and went back to sleep and was about 20 minutes late waking up my husband and daughter.

2. I'm harshly judgemental - The group of young guys behind us were dropping F-bombs left and right while discussing such things as trying to find some girls to take home to "get some a$$" and  who was going to pay for the next round of beers. One of the fellows just "got out of the pen" and another had a court date the next day. The young guys in front of us almost got into a fight with someone wearing an opposing team's shirt. I have no tolerance for ignorant people who act like fools in public. I also have no tolerance for heavy drinking.

3. I loathe the smell of popcorn!

4. I am a people watcher. Seriously. Watching all the people at the game was almost as entertaining as the game itself.

5. I'm a homebody. Yes, it's fun to go out and do something that you don't normally do. But, when it comes down to it, I just love being tucked away safe and sound with my family at home every night. Put me in front of the fireplace watching Jeopardy with my family and I'm a happy-camper!

So, even though we were exposed to some colorful conversations and stayed up way past our bedtimes, we did have a great night out. And, UK beat Notre Dame!


septembermom said...

Glad that you had a great time. I'm a homebody mostly too. I love to people watch.