Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book Review - Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

When Andie Miller shows up at the office of her ex-husband, North Archer, she is looking for closure. It has been ten years since they parted ways, and now, as Andie is about to marry again, she wants to rid herself of anything to do with North once and for all. But, when he asks her for an unexpected "favor" and makes her an offer she can't refuse, she agrees to help him out.
North has found himself the guardian of two children of a distant cousin. The kids are living in the middle of nowhere in a gothic English-style estate. The problem? Every nanny that North hires quits under mysterious circumstances. And the kids? They are behind in their education and adamantly refuse to leave the house. North needs to find a temporary, reliable caretaker that can get the kids caught up to grade level and coaxed into moving in with him. He offers to pay Andie a hefty fee if she will accept the job.
When Andie arrives at the kids' estate, she immediately wonders what she's gotten herself into. The place is in ruins and practically falling apart. The kids are weird and withdrawn. There's a scheming housekeeper and there may even be ghosts haunting the house. And, these ghosts could be the very reason the kids refuse to leave. Later, throw in an unscrupulous journalist, a non-believing parapsychologist, a no-nonsense medium, and a jealous fiancé (to name just a few in this crazy cast of characters) and all kinds of chaos ensues.
I really loved this book! It was a light read full of hilarious laugh-out-loud moments as well as plenty of mystery and romance. Andie's character is independent, feisty, and full of spunk. North comes across as a little more serious and reserved but very sexy. There's a great chemistry between the two and I immediately found myself rooting for them to get back together.  The paranormal aspect of the book also kept me guessing. Maybe This Time is just a fun story to read!
This is not a sponsored post. I'm just sharing a book that I purchased on my own and really enjoyed reading.



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