Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Movie Trailer Tuesday - I'll Come Running

Pelle Juul is a young Danish man traveling around the United States with some friends. Shortly before he is to return to Denmark, he meets a Texas waitress named Veronica. What starts out as a one-night stand, turns into a passionate connection between the pair. After a brief but intense couple days together, Pelle begins his journey home. But, when things take an unexpected turn, Veronica finds herself traveling to his doorstep.

This movie, while a little odd, was actually quite compelling. It shows just how messy life can be and how chance encounters can change lives. Movie includes subtitles.

Movie is Not Rated (NR) but there is lots of language, nudity, and sexuality.



Faith and Family Reviews said...

Sounds interesting.

Mom vs. the boys said...

oh things do get messy, looks like an interesting plot!

Jillian Nicole said...

Hi I am your newest follower and enjoyed visiting your blog. I will definitely look out for this movie seeing that it sounds right up my alley.
I would love for you to follow along.

Amiyrah Martin said...

Thanks for the trailer! I'm a big fan of offbeat, indie-type films and this looks right up my alley.

Nikki said...

Interesting, I love offbeat, odd movies. I'll have to check this one out!