Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping Frenzy

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas-time is approaching. I have spent the last week or so trying to get a bunch of Christmas shopping done, but feel like I still have so much to do. Last night, I had a dream that it was Christmas Eve and we were hosting my family's get-together and right when everyone was about to sit down to open gifts, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to buy presents for anyone. I panicked and told my 17 yr. old son to go to Walgreens and buy gift cards for everyone. He returned with gift cards that were not even activated. Yikes, What a nightmare! I think I need to get down to some serious shopping so that I can mark everyone off my list and take off some of the stress I'm feeling.

Of course, I know the season is not all about the presents. But, I get a lot of joy out of giving to others and it's fun to choose gifts that you think your loved ones will enjoy. This will be our first Christmas without my Dad (he passed away in May) so it's going to be especially difficult. My mom is already having a hard time anticipating Christmas without him. I think she has turned to Christmas shopping as a way to take her mind off her grief. Not only has she finished all her Christmas shopping, but, she's bought some very nice, almost over-the-top gifts. Needless to say, my kids are going to be very surprised at what they unwrap from Grandma this year. On the flip side, I feel like it's going to hit my Mom really hard as soon as the holidays are over and she's probably going to find herself in a very blue mood. Hopefully we can all be there for her and help her through.

What about you? Have you started shopping yet? Do you feel alot of stress about getting your holiday shopping done?  Will you be going out on Black Friday?


septembermom said...

AHHH!! I'm haven't done any shopping and I'm starting to freak out. I usually don't go shopping on Black Friday, but I tempted this year because I really need to watch my pennies. I also like CyberMonday to look for deals too.

The Social Frog said...

We kick off the Christmas shopping on Black Friday and are usually finished a few days before Christmas,lol.

septembermom said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kari!