Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Movie Trailer Tuesday - Mercy

From Netflix:
A pessimistic writer who's never known true love struggles to pen a novel that captures that puzzling emotion's all-consuming nature. While hunting for inspiration, the author falls for Mercy (Wendy Glenn), a woman who drastically alters his outlook on life. Scott Caan writes and stars in this enthralling romance that co-stars his father, James Caan, as well as Erika Christensen, Dylan McDermott and Troy Garity.

I'm a big fan of both James Caan and his son, Scott Caan. Despite some of the negative reviews I read on Netflix, I was eager to watch this movie. I thought it was a beautiful, but sad, love story. I liked the way the scenes went back and forth between the past and present, letting you piece things together for yourself. I loved the interactions between the guys; their friendships seemed real and believable. It was a tender story and I loved Scott Caan's performance.

The film is NR. There is language, nudity, and sexual content.


septembermom said...

I remember being transfixed by the first one. I'll have to watch this version. Thanks Kari.