Monday, November 14, 2011

Outtakes From Our Christmas Card Photo Session 2011

Saturday afternoon was our designated "Christmas card family photo" time and boy, were my kids dreading it. We always do our own photos - nothing professional - and it's always a huge ordeal.

Usually, I just do photos of the kids only. But, this year I decided that hubby and I should be in the picture as well. Since no one was here to help out, we put our 15 yr. old daughter in charge of the camera. While we all posed, she would check the shot and set the timer. Then, she would run over and join us in the pose.

Well, needless to say, because we are such amateurs and our kids were so uncooperative, it took FOREVER. There was much arguing and complaining. There was pushing and shoving. There was some yelling. It wasn't pretty, people! Our 11 yr. old son could not be still. Our 18 yr. old son thought it was taking up too much of his precious time. We did, after many takes, finally manage to get a decent photo to use for our Christmas cards.

I thought I would share a few of our outtakes - the photos that didn't make the final cut.

This was one of our first shots; we accidentally cut off the head of our oldest; I didn't like that the wall light switch was showing; and I look like I'm barefooted even though I was wearing shoes

I decide that my light gray sweater is too bright and I'm leaving the scene for an outfit change. Notice my oldest, Cameron, hanging his head in frustration.

BLURRY! We totally were not ready for this one. Shelby didn't even make it into the picture in time. Ooops!

Zachary decides to jump in for a solo shot. Because he could. not. be. still.

Now, part of Shelby's face is hidden. Back to the drawing board.

The kids insisted we do a "funny face" photo. They actually all loved this one and wanted to use it for our Christmas card. I liked it and thought it was hilarious but couldn't bring myself to do it.

This was the pose I ended up choosing for our Christmas cards. Everyone was smiling. Each face was showing. Finally!

So, everyone is glad that's over. The Christmas cards have already been ordered (from Shutterfly - which was quick and easy) and will be arriving shortly.

Do you take family photos for Christmas cards? I would love for you to share your own tips or funny stories...