Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

The past 24 hours have been one thing after another. It all started yesterday afternoon. My husband decided to take the kids to the arcade to ride go-carts. We hadn't really done anything much all weekend and since they had the day off from school, it was just something fun for them to do. When they returned home, our youngest, Zachary, immediately went to his room and got into bed. He said he wasn't feeling well; his stomach and head hurt. He lounged around the rest of the afternoon and I could tell just by looking at him that he really didn't feel well at all. He started to run a fever and I gave him some ibuprofen. That perked him up for a little while but not long. He was soon back under the covers, this time on the couch. His fever came back and by 10:30 last night it was up to 103.6 - yikes! It was too soon to give him more ibuprofen and I was out of children's tylenol. Our oldest son, Cam, offered to drive to the grocery and pick up some more medication (I knew I didn't have enough ibuprofen to get through the night and I wanted some Tylenol so that I could give them both in staggered doses).

I wondered if sending my son to get the medicine was really the best idea. You see, I'm a control freak and I like to be the one to do everything so that I can be sure it's exactly right. I know that's not a good thing, but I can't help it. It only proves my point when I say that my son returned home with Children's Tylenol...but, it wasn't the liquid I had asked for, it was some kind of melt-away tabs. "This will be fine" I said, all the while knowing I should have went and got the medicine myself. I administered the tabs to Zachary. He threw up immediately. Fever still blazing and now he's throwing up. I waited about an hour and by then it was time for more ibuprofen (which he was able to keep down). He had a very restless night and was sick one or two more times. His fever came back again this morning. Finally, he kept down another dose of ibuprofen and went back to sleep. So far, I'd had about four hours of sleep.

By this time, my other kids are awake and getting ready for school. Cam drives himself and our daughter to school each morning. They need to leave around 6:45 at the latest to beat traffic and get to school on time. At 6:50, they still have not left. Cam is piddling around and running late. This is a huge no-no. HUGE! It's a privilege that we let him drive to school and in return he must follow the simple rules of leaving by or before 6:45 and giving our daughter a ride to school. When he finally goes out to get in the car at 6:53, his car will not start! I'm thinking he accidentally left an overhead light on inside his car when he made the late-night medication run. ARGH! My husband is about to leave for work and proceeds to have a shouting match in the driveway with Cam for being late. I'm sure our neighbors love us this morning. They don't have time to try and jump-start the car. They're all running late now. Hubby takes them to school and gets to work with 9 minutes to spare.

So, finally, the kids are off to school, hubby is off to work, Zachary's fever is gone and he's sleeping. I'm going back to bed and try to catch up on a little sleep. After I've been laying in bed for about 20 minutes...

I hear the annoyingly loud sound of a bulldozer (technically it may not be a bulldozer, but, it's some kind of big digging machinery). Someone has decided to start digging a basement on the lot behind us. It's very loud and very annoying. Seriously? They have to start today? I guess I won't be getting much sleep after all.


Mika the Roofer said...
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blueviolet said...

Oh geez, no rest for the weary! I'm sorry your little one ran such a high temp! That's scary!

Only a mom knows just what meds to buy. Even a dad would probably fail. ;)

septembermom said...

Kari, that kind of fever can be scary. How stressful for you and the family.