Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Giving Thanks - Day 9

30 days of Giving Thanks

I am participating in 30 Days of Giving Thanks. Visit Blessed Beyond Words if you would like to join in...

I am very thankful that my dad was such a special person in the lives of my children. He passed away 2.5 years ago so it saddens me that he won't be here to see them grow up. But, I'm grateful that he was such an important influence in their lives. My kids meant the world to him and he just loved talking about them to anyone and everyone that would listen. If one of my kids did something funny or mischevious or naughty, my dad was the first person I would want to tell. He definitely appreciated hearing about their escapades and I can even still see him roaring with laughter over things my kids did. He was always here for us, helping to carpool my kids here and there or attending their school and sporting events. We all miss him so much! I am thankful that he was able to know my children



Angie Vinez said...

Sounds like an amazing man. I lost my father in 1998, and the hardest thing for me is that my kids will never know him like I did. I am so glad that your dad was able to touch the lives of your kids. Hold on to every memory!