Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Simone France - Skin Care Products Review and Discount Code

I was recently introduced to Simone France Skin Care products and given the opportunity to try them out. I must admit that I had never heard of Simone France but after checking out their website, I found that this skin care line gets rave reviews from the press and its customers.

About Simone France:
Simone France is a renowned French skin-care expert who has provided care and quality products to some of the most beautiful faces around - Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson, Iman, Amber Valetta, and more. In 1999, Simone, along with beauty editor and publicist Penny Kjellberg and Penny's sister-in-law, Sally Riddles, took Simone's skincare "sandwich" to the beauty magazines and began selling online. Their company went on to become very successful and in 2006 was sold to Sally. The company remains true to Simone’s roots as a professional aesthetician, caring for one face at a time.

The Simone France Philosophy: (from the website)
Whether your skin is too dry, too oily or too sensitive, the cause is almost always improper cleaning. Either too much cleansing with harsh products and over-exfoliation, or too little cleansing with overloads of heavy creams and failure to remove enough.

The good news is that what is self-created can be self-corrected.

No matter what your skin type, Simone France will work for you. The system is simple. Every night you are going to clean the surface of your skin, removing make up and the daily accumulation of oil and impurities. Every morning, you will wake up with a clean surface, so your skin is ready for The Sandwich®, Simone's unique deep pore cleansing, mild daily exfoliation treatment. You will see and feel the difference the very first time you use it.

The Sandwich

My Thoughts:
When I received my Simone France products to try out at home, the first thing I thought was, "this is a very different way of doing things." The signature "Sandwich" regimen involves using a combination of moisturizer, scrub and soap, one on top of the other. You then use Simone's disposable cleansing cloths to remove the Sandwich treatment. I've never really used any type of scrub or exfoliant. I always thought my face was too sensitive. But, I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in my skin. My face feels so clean and fresh! I'm lucky that I don't have particularly problem skin. However, even though it's clear, I've never really felt like I had that glowing, dewey complexion that is so lovely to see. After using Simone France products for two weeks, I do truly feel like my facial appearance is improved.

One of my favorite things besides the scrub, are the amazing disposable cleansing cloths. These feel so good on your face and make removing eye makeup a breeze.

In the past, I've tried many, many different face care products. I could never seem to stick with any of them because they were either too time consuming (I'm pretty lazy when it comes to beauty care - the quicker the better for me) or didn't produce results. With Simone France, I actually look forward to my morning "Sandwich" and can see myself continuing to use these products long term.

Simone France offers facial care products for all skin types as well as body and specialty treatment products. You can check out their full line by visiting Simone France. And, right now, new customers can save 10% by using coupon code FT108.

I received free Simone France skin care products to try out for myself. All opinions expressed are my own.