Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Special Christmas Postmark from Santa Claus, Indiana

Here's something really neat that I think I've shared on the blog before but wanted to mention again. Did you know that you can get a special Christmas postmark for your holiday cards through the Santa Claus, Indiana post office?

Each season, the Santa Claus, Indiana post office offers a whimsical little "picture postmark" to cancel the postage stamps on holiday mail in December. The special postmark is designed each year by a local high school art student as part of an annual contest.

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What a fun way to spread Christmas cheer as you send out cards or letters to your family and friends!

Here are some guidelines you should know if you would like to receive the special postmark on your cards:

  • Allow at least a 2-in x 4-in space in the stamp area for the postmark
  • Apply postage to cards/letters before sending them to post office
  • Picture postmark available on working days between Dec. 1 and Dec. 24
  • Picture postmark must be requested
  • To ensure good imprint, do not enclose bulky or large items in your holiday mail
  • There is no charge for postmarking; however there is a limit of 50 per person per day
  • Package your cards, with postage stamps already applied, in a sturdy box/envelope and mail to:
Postmaster, Santa Claus Station
Santa Claus, IN 47579-9998



Paula said...

Also ... if your children would like to write to Santa, please use this address: Santa Claus, PO Box 1, Santa Claus IN 47579. The Santa's Elves see to it each year that all the children's letters receive a personal reply from Santa Claus (no charge, of course). Merry Christmas!

Paula Werne, Holiday World

Jenners said...

I can barely get my cards out let alone getting them prepped to come from Santa Claus, IN! Neat idea though!

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